Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Stockpiling food for a few months is a great idea, especially if you are following the store sale cycles and buying at that time. But, yes there is a but....if you are stockpiling and not buying the food you need weekly or worse using you grocery budget to stockpile it will not work!! You will find, if you haven't already, the food you are trying to stockpile while using your weekly/monthly budgets goes very fast.  Why...because you are not buying foods to prepare decent meals.  For instance, chips, mustard and mayo are on sale you have a coupon and you buy 6 of each, of course these are expensive even with a sale and coupons, but you spent the money that you could have bought your produce and meat for the week.  Now you have to either go off your budget and buy the produce you need or your family is eating chips like they are going out of style because there isn't much to cook a decent meal in the house.

The Resolution:
1. Set a Budget
    a. Budget will include the weekly amount plus and extra few dollars (maybe 10.00) for 
2  Plan Your MEALS
3. Match you Meals with what is on sale that week/match your coupons

*** Don't worry if you miss a deal, there will always be another one!!***

And Loving Life!!

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