I've pretty much have always known you should save 10% of your paycheck, to pay yourself first and to always pay your credit cards in full monthly.  Of course I never followed one of these rules for keeping my kash.  This is all because I knew what I was doing when I would always buy a nice brand new car, financed!!  Or, put Christmas on a credit card and paid for it past the next Christmas. Oh yeah, I've always worked and expected to keep on working and making more and more money!!  Well as life passes by I've learned one thing for sure, nothing is guaranteed , work, money, health etc. Most things you cannot control! But....You can take control of your finances and you can start right now..TODAY!!  

Luckily,  I am older, wiser and listen a lot better!! So I am sharing with you what I should have learned and utilized from my first paycheck with LIVE AND LEARN.

And Loving Life!!