1.  Set A BUDGET
2.  Get Organized
3.  Buy Open Box Items
4.  Use Store Loyalty Cards
5.  Barter 
6.  Shop Pawn Shops For Jewelery
7.  Pay Your Bills On Time
8.  Pack Your Lunch
9.  Do Not Use Vending Machines
10. Stop Smoking
11. Exercise
12. Shop For Your Services
13. Plan Your Shopping Trips
14. Share -A - Ride Programs
15. Check Out The $1.00 Movies
16. Participate In The Kids Eat Free Night At Your Local Restaurants
17. Save Your Change Daily
18. Use Consignment Shops
19. Learn How To Store Food
20. Review Your Insurances
21. Shop For Cloths Off Season
22. Maintain Your Vehicle
23. Maintain Your Home
24. Have money auto deposited from your paycheck to a savings account even if it is just
25. Pay Your Bills Online
26. DO NOT Use Credit Cards
27. Shop All Year (sales)
28. Watch For Senior Discounts (seniors)
29. Participate in Senior Activities (seniors)
30. Donate To Charities
31. Buy A Used Car Instead Of New
32. Open A 401K
33. Open A ROTH
34. Recycle Your Printer Ink
35. Use The Public Library
36. Use Internet For Free Downloads (books)
37. Use Tap Water Instead Of  Bottled Water
38. Change Air Filters In AC Regularly
39. Frequent Yard Sales
40. Learn How To Use Coupons
41. Cloths Swap
42. Learn The Sale Cycles At Your Grocery Stores
43. Plan Weekly/Monthly Menus
44. Contact the companies that you patron and ask for coupons
45. Review The Mail Order Drug Plans
46. Shop For Christmas In July (sales)
47. Learn How To Change The Oil In Your Car
48. Shop Shop Shop for Insurance Rates
50. Follow Keepingyourkash.blogspot.com
51. Pay yourself First