Saturday, August 27, 2011


The following is a list of purchases made by one Giant Eagle shopper this week, she spent $8.00 OOP for $117.00 worth of groceries. She did have some GREAT Pepsi coupons (wish I knew where she got them), but if you notice....... with the overage I am sure that she had on the Pepsi, (this is why the total was so low) she was able to get the fruits, veggies and meat for free!!  I realize that we will not usually have "50 coupons" for one item, but the point is when we have an overage on one item this overage can be used towards fruits, veggies and meat.   For those of you that are not Giant Eagle shoppers, Giant Eagle will double coupons up to $0.99 WOW!!

50 2 liters of pepsi products - had 50 coupons for $.75 off one
6 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce - had 6 $.50 off
1 Gillette body wash - had $2/1 from PG and $2.00 eoffer-made $.50
2.28 lbs grapes
1 Velveeta Cheesy Skillet - had $1/1
1 Febreeze - had $1/1 and $1 eoffer
2 Dannon Okisos yogurts - had 2 free yogurt qs
1 package of grape tomatos
1 Viva paper towel - had $.85/1
6 Oxysticks - had raincheck for $2.50 each and used 3 $3/2 qs
5 Market District hot dogs - had raincheck for $2 each
2 lbs peaches
1 GE hot dog buns
1 Pep Farms Goldfish thins - had $.50 off one and
Some of the Pillsbury rolls with eoffer and qs

We got 83 items total (2 shopping carts full!)

I also had a $5.00 q off of $30

Remember, if you are making a large quanity  purchase like 50 Pepsi's, call the store ahead of time to make sure that you do not have to pre-order.  You don't want to be a SHELF CLEARER!!

And Loving Life!!

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