Friday, July 15, 2011


Just want to give you all a heads up on DRYER CARE.... My dryer started making these loud noises, so of course the first thing I did was call to see if I still had a warranty contract.  Well, I was thrilled to find out that yes I do have one and I am covered till 2012.  GREAT, GREAT, GREAT.  I called the service provider, they scheduled a tech to come out, now keep in mind that through out the waiting period on the phone I was listening to contract information such as... if the tech arrives and decides that the problem is due to the customer not taking care of the dryer, then a service fee will be charged and the problem will not be covered by the contract.  This was mentioned to me numerous times while waiting and also by the representative that I spoke to.  I did ask the rep to expand on exactly what DRYER CARE was and she stated "you know keeping the filter clean, normal care".  OK.. which I do after every load.
Well did I get a rude awakening, the tech arrived, looked at the dryer unscrewed the front and there was tons of lint in the bottom of the dryer.  The tech proceeded to tell me the motor was going bad due to the lint and this would NOT be covered because I did not maintain the dryer properly.  WHAT????  

I did not realize that part of regular maintenance was taking the dryer apart and cleaning the inside, so of course I ranted and raved to the service people, to find out that in my Dryer Use and Care Guide, it does state as part of  Your Dryer Care to Remove Accumulated Lint.  This should be done by a qualified person at least every two years.

WOW....a very expensive lesson learned......So I thought I would pass it on to you!!


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